Originally from Long Island, New York, Leslie was
transplanted to Fort Worth in 1975 and she loves being a
“When I was seven years old, my family was on a road
trip to visit relatives in Ohio,” said Leslie.  “I asked my dad
what direction we were heading.”
“West,” he said.
“Oh good, I thought as I drifted off to
sleep in the back of our station wagon.  Maybe he’ll forget
to turn off and we’ll wind up in Texas.”
Leslie and her husband Gary share a love of travel, golf and
grandkids-not necessarily in that order. They have three
children, Gary, Jennifer and Stephanie, and six
grandchildren, Lauren, Christina, Gabrielle, Lexi, Calvin and
The  Illustrator, Court Bailey
Court is a self-taught artist...of course, he believes
all artists are self-taught.
Court excels in many mediums and has won awards for
his pastel portraits in Oklahoma, Washington State,
and Maine.  He received a public grant to provide a
bas-relief portrait which now hangs in the Louisiana
Doll Museum.  His varied works, including sculpture
and pen-and-ink drawings, are in public and private
collections throughout the United States and
Court married his high school sweetheart Lois, and together they have eight children.    Only two
sons remain at home in Saginaw, Texas now, but Court's spare time is taken up with an aggressive
teaching schedule, commissions and best of all, grandkids.  You may communicate with him at:

Leslie has spent most of her professional life in the restaurant business.She owned a popular Fort
Worth restaurant called Fishmongers Seafood Market and Grill for many years. Currently Leslie
manages the dining services department for EdenTerrace, a Sunrise Senior Living community in
Arlington, Texas.  She loves her work with seniors but cannot deny that her real passion is writing.
“Writing will be my final career,” says Leslie.  “I can't wait until I have the luxury of writing full time.”

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The Author, Leslie Gordon