I had the pleasure of meeting Carla right after the book came out in 2005. She was living in a small
one-room cabin, wheel-chair bound and in poor health. She was delighted to have been the
inspiration for my book and we donated money from book sales to her, to improve her
circumstances. Carla and I spoke regularly over the next several months, then sadly, she suffered a
fatal heart attack and passed away in May, 2006. Her portion of the book's proceeds will now go
to the
Presbyterian Night Shelter in her name.
A Message From the Author
"The Homeless Christmas Tree" was inspired by a lady
named Carla Christian. Carla was poor, but had a kind
and caring heart. She lived part of her life as a homeless
person, seeking shelter at the Presbyterian Night Shelter
in Fort Worth, Texas. She stayed on at the shelter after
she got on her feet and worked with the homeless
population for many years, until her health  deteriorated
to the point she could no longer work.